Bedding Range


Waterproof Systems: Mattress Protectors


MP1040 Waterproof 1/2 sheet with tuck in flaps. Size: Extra Wide – 100cm x 140cm with tuck in flaps.
MP1424 Waterproof Fitted Mattress Cover – Single Size. Size: 140cm x 240cm with sewn elastic corners. Alternative sizes are available for quotation.
MPCustom Single Bed Size. Custom manufactoring for Mattress Covers. Full 3 sided zip. Fabric – Bi Elastic PU. Breathable – Waterproof – Anti Fungal – Fire Retardant. Can be washed up to 95 Deg. C. Multiple range of applications within the Health Care Industry. Quotations can be requested for alternative Bed Sizes and Health Products.
GS1515 Ground Sheet Protector – Full Waterproof Sheet. Fabric: PU Waterproof. Size: 150cm x 150cm. To protect floor area from urine, faeces, and food spillage.


Polar Fleece Blankets

Full colour range available – Tartan Designs.
Quality Polar Fleece – Velour finished for durability.
Able to be washed and dried without shrinkage.


BL1015 Blankets: 1.0 x 1.5 mtr. Knee Rug Size
BL1515 Blankets: 1.5 x 1.5 mtr. 3/4 Size Throw Over
BL1522 Blankets: 1.5 x 2.2 mtr. Full Single Size

White Polar Fleece

Full Fitted Mattress Cover – Single Bed Size
Sewn in Elastic Corners
Easy Care Product – Full wash cycle
P.O.A Larger Bed Sizes Available
MP1424 White Polar Fleece


Cuddle Blanket

Will keep residents cosy and warm, easy care, easy wash
BL1015 Blanket – Cuddle

Fall Out Chair Cover

Wooltec are able to manufacture this product in either Polar Fleece or Towelling. Colours are available to suit.


FCC100 Fall Out Chair Cover

modesty cape - poncho

Polar Fleece Shower Poncho

For modesty protection when transferring residents to and from the shower either by Shower Chair or Hoist.
Made to open down the back with velcro fastening tabs.


PFP110 Polar Fleece Shower Poncho


Brushed Flannelette Sheeting


BF1016 1/2 Sheet Plain – Draw Sheet. Size: 110cm x 160cm
BF1016W 1/2 Sheet with Waterproof 90 x 90cm centered. Size: 110cm x 160cm
BF1019 Full Sheet Plain – Mattress Protector. Size: 110cm x 190cm
BF1019W Full Sheet made with elastic corner straps.


Pillow Slip Covers


PSC100 Poly-Cotton with a Polar Fleece panel to wick away moisture.
PSCL50 Laminated Pillow Case – Limited Life. Disposable packs of 50 units.
PSCWP5 Full Waterproof Cover – Pillow Slip. PU Waterproof – Sky Blue.
PSWP20 Pillow with Full Waterproof Fitted Cover. All in one – Sealed for hygiene and protection.


Day Bed – Bed Protector

For use during the day to protect the bed covers. Quilted fabric – Colours plain or pattern.


DP6010 Size: 60cm x 110cm