Stress Incontinence Briefs

Incontrol Stress Incontinence Briefs offer discreet, comfortable and re washable underwear for the management of Stress Incontinence. Sewn in absorbant pad with a waterproof liner offers protection for the wearer of the product.


IncoWS – Womens Super Brief (Capacity 120ml)
IncoWR – Womens Regular Brief (Capacity 60ml)
IncoMR – Mens Regular Brief (Capacity 120ml)

Pant Liners

Pant Liners offer extra capacity if required or can be worn as an individual item, with waterproof backing this product offers extra safety and capacity.


PL100S – Small
PL100M – Medium
PL100L – Large
PL100E – Pant Liner – Extra No Waterproof


Incontrol Bed Pads – Light Weight

All Bed Pads come with Waterproof backing, the light weight product have a PU waterproof for protection. The waterproof is a soft fabric, is easy care, and will not split or crack when in contact with body fluids.


MP7090 – Size: 70cm x 90cm (300 mil capacity approx) Multiple use – Protection Pad – Pillow Protector – Waterproof Backing
BP1000 – Size: 70cm x 90cm (1 Litre capacity) Toweling inner core for absorption – Light weight application


High Performance Bed Pads

High Performance Bed Pads are fitted with a superior water proof “BRAVO” which is able to be washed at high temperature and dried. The waterproof is anti fungal, acid proof, and will not split or crack when in contact with body fluids. Custom design and manufacture can be arranged.


BP2000 Size: 80cm x 90cm (2 litre capacity)
BP2000T Size: 80 x 90 cm (2 litre capacity) With tuck in flaps
BP3000 Size: 90cm x 110cm (3 litre capacity)
BP3000T Size: 90cm x 110cm (3 litre capacity) With tuck in flaps
BP4000 Size: 90cm x 160cm (4 litre capacity) Single bed protection – Tuck in flaps
BP5000 Size: 160cm x 180cm – Double bed size:Tuck in flaps or elastic corner fittings