Safety Products

Med Round Apron 1

Pop Over Medical Apron

APMED Pop Over Apron. Printed – Medical. ‘Do Not Disturb’. Fabric Polyester – Navy.

slide sheet slip coated oxford nylon

Slide Sheets


SS1015 Fabric – Oxford Nylon Slip Coated. Size: 1.0 mtr x 1.5 mtr. Colours – Navy. Alternative Colours on Request.
SS25R 2.5 mtr Sewn Round. Colour: Navy.

lifting belts

Lifting – Transfer Belts

TB7696 Medium Size. Wide padded belt in Poodle Cloth for comfort. 3x Horizontal Handholds Padded. 3x Vertical Handholds. Size: 76cm – 96cm.
TB9617 Large Size. Wide Padded belt covered in Poodle Cloth for comfort. 3x Horizontal Handholds Padded. 3x Vertical Handholds. Size: 96cm – 117cm.


Cocoon Safety System

This product comes in two sections:
1) The Anchoring Base
2) A Quilted Overlay

The features of the Cocoon are numerous, however Cocoon allows for security and safety to the end user. The anchoring base is fitted under the mattress and strapped into place.
After putting back in place items that the end user would normally have on the mattress to the top sheet, the top quilted overlay is then zipped to the bottom anchoring section to give a safe and secure environment. The zip is run from the top of the Cocoon to the foot end for security of opening.
Extra Tops are available – Custom design is also a service we provide.

CSS130 Cocoon Safety System

Chair Safety Harness

Chair Safety Harness

This unit is made to fit the upper area of the body, with a double strap system for security and adjustment. Designed to fit most lounge chairs, the unit will securely keep in place the individual.
Not suitable for the person who slips down the chair.
Custom design safety systems can be investigated, however Wooltec do need the permission of the parties involved before taking on any such design and manufacturing.



Non Slip – Absorbent Mats

Slip Stop Mats are a light weight rubber backed nylon pile mat or use in bedrooms, toilet areas, bathrooms, hallways, and as a cover for the alarm sensor pad.

With a 10 year warranty and a full colour range, Slip Stop Mats are the ideal solution for wet areas, and to eliminate slippage. Slip Stop Mats are completely washable.

Also available: Tube Tread Matting, Anti Slip Mats, Fatigue Mats.


MAT4470 44 x 70cm

MAT6085 60 x 85cm

MAT8012 80 x 120cm

MAT8514 85 x 154cm


Bed Safety Rail Covers

Made from Quilted Fabric, these items are made to customer specifications. Each Bed Rail Cover has an extra 2 layers of quilted fabric on the inner panel for extra protection. Most designs can be catered for, special requests are welcome.



BSR10 Single Bed Design – Single Unit
BSR20 Single Bed Design – Per Pair
BSR30 Waterproof Outer – Wipe-able PU Fabric, Sky Blue. Per pair – Foam Inner Core for maximum protection. Special requests welcome.

Foot Wedge

Foot Wedge Support

FWS505 Designed to elevate the feet for support. Size: 50cm x 55cm x 7cm. Covered in Bi-Elastic for Hygiene and ease of cleaning. Outer cover can be removed for complete washing.


Foam Foot/Ankle Raiser

DR9030 Support Foam/Covered in Quilted fabric for comfort. Raises the ankle for suuport.

Impactwear – Hip Protector Pants



The Cut and shape of Bob with a front opening has been specifically tailored for the body shape of the mature man.

HIPM Bob – available in six sizes (XXS-XL)



This brief has been designed specifically for the needs of the more frail, older woman and allows for the wearing of the incontinence products and accomodates other incontinence garments if needed.

HIPLL Betty – Long Leg, available in seven sizes (4-18)



For women who like feminine underwear, Barbara has been designed with a shorted leg and scalloped trim. The cut and shape of the garment has been tailored for the body shape of the mature woman.
In addition the cut of the gusset allows for incontinence products if needed.

HIPSL Barbara – Short Leg, available in seven sizes (4-18)

Protection Shields for hip protection

PSH120 Firm Shield
PSS130 Flexible Shield

Catheter – Drainage Bags

CDB200 Made from white polar fleece or printed cotton. Leg attachments by ties.

Infection Control Pack

Contents: Mask, Goggles, Gown, Gloves


INF25 Full Pack Contents x 25 Units
INF100 Per Carton x 12 Packs

Disposable Barrer Gowns

A disposable product with back ties for full body protection. Thumb hole ensures the sleeves remain in place. Made from light weight spun bonded fibre, this product is comfortable to wear whilst offering a high level of protection.


DBG10 Product Per Package x 10
DBG100 Product Per Carton x 100