About Us

Founded in the late 1980’s, Wooltec is a locally New Zealand owned and operated supplier to the healthcare and aged care sector.

Wooltec was initially founded on the need from aged care and healthcare operators to have access to niche and bespoke products for their residents and patients, that sat outside of the standard industry offering.

Today, Wooltec still specialises in those custom-made products, while also having expanded their offering and network to be able to supply a wide range of industry solutions to Australasia’s largest aged care and healthcare providers.

Whether you’re a looking for a product to help your elderly parent still living at home, you manage an aged care facility – or anything in between, we have solutions and supplies to ensure your customers, patients and family members are well taken care of.


As always, we’re around for any orders, calls or enquires - please don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat:

Jason & Paul

Phone: 03 323 7234
Email: info@wooltec.co.nz