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Wooltec Waterproof Bed Pad with Tuck In sides

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Key Features:


  1. Easy to Use: Simply place the bed pad over your mattress and secure it with the tuck-in flaps. It stays in place all night, ensuring a peaceful sleep.
  2. Size Options:
    • 1 Litre: 700mm X 900mm
    • 2 Litre: 800mm X 900mm
    • 3 Litre: 900mm X 1100mm
    • 4 Litre: 900mm X 1600mm
  3. Easy Maintenance: The bed pad is easy to clean – machine wash and low heat tumble dry for quick and convenient care.

Experience the benefits of Wooltec Waterproof Bed Pad and enjoy a cozy, dry, and comfortable night’s sleep. Say goodbye to worries about spills and stains, and say hello to a well-protected mattress!

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Small 1 Litre – 70cm x 90cm, Medium 2 Litre – 80cm x 90cm, Large 3 Litre – 90cm x 110cm, Kingle Single 4 Litre – 110cm x160cm