Special Products and Services


Wooltec are aware that budgets are becoming increasingly tight and the demand for good quality alternative items is increasing. The days of paying huge costs just because the product is “MEDICAL” related no longer has to be tolerated. This is where Wooltec Int. Ltd is able to assist.

Wooltec are able to manufacture to customer requirements either product from our existing range or product that is not available from normal sources. Wooltec are able to custom make from a “Sample” item or from a sketch outlining the details of what is required. More often than not the cost to make individual items is no more expensive that similar stock product.

Wooltec have sourced a specialist manufacturer who is able to refurbish to as new condition all types of furniture, Lounge Chairs, Settees, Fall Out Chairs and other similar product. If the item can be repaired and recovered Wooltec may be able to restore the product to an as new condition.

Wooltec are able to source a number of different fabrics for use in upholstery and also for the recovering of mattresses.
The fabric used for the replacement of mattress covers is quite unique. It features Anti Bacterial qualities, Fungal resistance, Breathable and Fire Retardant qualities.


The fabric can be washed to temperatures of up to 95 deg.c and can also be spray wiped with an anti bacterial spray. This fabric has a number of applications within the medical industry.

Wooltec are able to offer to all customers, new and current the opportunity for a quote on any item of interest that may be in need of a spruce up or a complete make over. Quotations can be sent to you so that you are able to evaluate our costs and service to you.

Please feel free to contact Wooltec for any enquiry relating to the above service, we are confident that we are able to provide an effective cost saving service to your organisation.