Foot/Heel Wedge Support


Foot/Heel Wedge Support designed to elevate the feet/lower legs.

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Crafted and produced in New Zealand, the Wooltec Foot/Heel Wedge support raises the entire length of both lower legs, preventing pressure that might impede arterial or venous blood flow. It effectively supports the Achilles and heels, easing pressure and facilitating access and ventilation for draining ulcers.

Encased in a detachable waterproof cover made of medical-grade Bi Elastic material, it can be easily cleaned through wiping or machine washing, ensuring longevity for use in commercial healthcare facilities or at-home care.

Recommended for instances requiring heel or foot elevation, it is suitable for all clinical settings and home care environments.


  • Length: 50cm
  • Width: 55cm
  • Back Height: 10cm
  • Front Height: 4cm